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    I7-6700 - 530 GFX 3D bluray playback broken, serious issue...


      New HTPC build using an I7 6700, Z170 chipset, 2 displays in extended mode (Dell2413(for desktop/web use etc..) - LG 65" OLED (for movies).


      Tried Motherboard driver, previous Intel and latest Intel drivers


      On the LG passive 3D display - 3D playback is broken, like left/right is messed up, flicker on camera changes like transparent flashes across the screen, 3D distant objects are in front instead of behind, eg. bird in the far distance and a near solid object like a building, the bird can be seen flying in front of the building when it should be hidden and behind it :/ it's so bad 3D bluray is unwatchable and just makes you dizzy


      I also have lip sync issues with 3D and apparent in 2D movies, I also use PDVD15 Ultra updated to the latest patch.


      I use win 8.1 with emby WMC integration and PDVD 15 as the external player for bluray's.


      I might add that the issue also seems related to the Intel graphic driver control panel setting for scaling - under display settings and can get 3D to work somewhat intermittently (although any change to playback, like pause/FF or rewind, immediately breaks 3d and the issue returns), sometimes clicking back or forward on the powerdvd timeline bar can regain/lock sync and 3D works correctly.


      Sometimes if I loose exclusive audio mode - reported by powerdvd at the movie start options screen, 3D works but no HD audio.


      If I leave the intel graphics control panel open on my Dell monitor, showing the scaling settings for my 3D extended display (LG), when I stop a 3D movie and the display re-syncs from 3D mode back to 2D mode, I can see the scaling setting change from "maintain display scaling" to "maintain aspect ratio" on it's own, if I try and restart the 3d movie, the display re-syncs to 3D mode but the movie is totally broken again, if I change the setting back to "maintain display scaling" and then try 3D playback it seems to just work (sometime a reboot is required), unless as said playback is interrupted, sync is lost, so to add the scaling setting is not sticking.


      Even this is somewhat buggy and sometimes does not work at all, rarely I can get some watchable 3D playback - although short lived, I also think the audio speed fluctuates as it seems to go in and out of lip sync.


      Further research shows this driver issue has been ongoing since last June 2015 and still not fixed - I basically have a broken HTPC that is currently an expensive desktop PC


      What is happening with this and Intel R&D, are we going to get a fix soon??



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          Just to update on some improvement, i reverted back to the lastest advertised driver on my motherboard manufacturer's web site ending in 4300 and now the 3D objects look to be corrected but the camera changes between talking characters still flashes/flickers (like a water effect) and causes dizzyness, so can't watch for very long.


          The driver setting for scaling still changes on it's own  like before, when changing from 3D mode back to 2D mode, when the 3D movie is stopped and the displays re-sync.


          Played a normal 2D bluray and this was fine, lip sync seems to stay in sync with no stutter.

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            Hello -Hitman-,


            Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


            I’m sorry for the issue this has caused to you; you can download the latest driver for the Intel® HD Graphics 530 here:

            Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]


            This is the same driver that your system manufacturer offered you but I suggest uninstalling the driver restart your system and reinstalling the driver again, also I recommend running Windows update to see if an update can help you solving this issue as well.


            Similar issue was reported at the following link and it was already escalated for further investigation.



            Best regards,



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              Thank you Ivanu,


              I tried the driver you provided and no change unfortunately, still the flash/flicker across the screen on camera change etc.., Scaling setting still changes when syncing from 3D - 2D.

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                I’m sorry for this inconvenience, try uninstalling the driver and restart your system then reinstall it again.

                Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel Display HDMI Audio...


                Also, I suggest to have your system up to date with all the update available and as well as all of the drivers available for your motherboard.


                If this does not work please be aware that this is an issue that has been already escalated for further investigation as you can see it on the thread I posted above.



                Best wishes,



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                  Thank you for the suggestion - I already have the latest MB drivers and windows updates installed.



                  I uninstalled the Intel graphics driver then Intel audio as directed, reinstalled the driver you provided and checked for any windows updates and it showed a new Intel update for WDDM around 123mb, so I also installed this update, thereafter windows then installed a driver for "IWDAud_Device_06".


                  I rebooted, just to be sure and now it's working 90%, a massive improvement but not quite there yet...


                  The following issues remain, 3d Bluray title menus still exhibit the screen flash/flicker (like a blink) intermittently.


                  My AVR does not receive anything less than a dolby signal, so lower channel audio present in the bluray title audio is silent, only when the movie starts the AVR clicks and HD audio is present.


                  Playing the 3D movie is perfect now until I rew/ff the movie, then the flash/flicker/blink returns, selecting pause and then play again fixes the issue (looks to sync frames again) and the movie looks fine.


                  The Intel graphics control panel - scaling setting still changes as before, I always have to open the Intel graphics control panel and make sure it's set to the correct "maintain display scaling" before starting a 3D bluray, if I don't do this (setting is showing as set to "maintain aspect ratio) - the flash/flicker/blink issue is non-fixable.

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                    I’m sorry for all this inconvenience, at this point we will need to wait for a new driver to be released in order to fix problems like this.


                    Thank you for your understanding, I really apologize for this inconvenience and hopefully a new driver will come up soon.


                    Best regards,