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    3D Movie playback left-right frames out of sync




      I just built a new HTPC using the Core i5-6600 CPU, Intel Z170 chipset, clean install of Win 10 64b and PowerDVD15. Fully updated BIOS, PowerDVD software and Intel drivers fresh from your website (v.4352).


      I am seeing inconsistent playback of 3D Bluray. (1080p/24Hz; frame-packing), the image distorts frequently and cause an image that looks like watching the 3D movie under water. It is clear to me that the left-right frame sync is not working with the Intel setup. As soon as there is movement in the picture it becomes unbearable to watch. I thought that this would be a nice upgrade from the AMD APU A10 I had been using before..... At least the AMD setup could play the 3D blurays without problems.


      This is to me without a doubt an Intel driver issue. I can see on the forum that there are others who have highlighted this issue for more than 6 months now. This is soooo very frustrating, and quite frankly very unexpected that Intel would be this bad at writing drivers for their hardware.


      I've tried changing all the recommended settings in the display driver settings, I've also disabled de-interlacing etc. in PowerDVD, but nothing works. I've also tried an older driver (v.4300), which has the same problem, although it seems like it's not as bad as in the latest driver.


      Please prioritize a fix for this in your graphics drivers. 3D playback is part of the supposedly supported features of your chip, and it should be a priority to fix.


      Thank you.