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    Dell Latitude E6410 with Windows 7 x64: Can't update Intel HD drivers?


      So as payment for house sitting for him, my cousin gave me a Dell Latitude E6410, with Intel HD graphics. It is running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Service Pack 1.


      First thing I noticed when I booted the laptop was that the GPU (the Intel HD chipset) wasn't being used, and Windows 7 told me there was a problem with it and it had been disabled (Code 43, according to the Device Manager). I went through the steps on Microsoft TechNet to restore the drivers and the Intel HD chipset started working again.


      I downloaded the Intel Driver Update Utility 2.2 and it found that my Wifi and the Intel HD needed to be updated. The Wifi drivers updated without issue, but the Intel HD drivers are being a bit weird.


      The Update Utility says I am on driver version 6.1, and the latest is version 10.0. I download the chipset drivers and upgrade. The upgrade software says everything was installed successfully, but when it goes back to the Update Utility, it says the upgrade failed. It also says I'm still on 6.1, so the version 10 drivers never actually got installed. I've disabled Microsoft Security Essentials, I've rebooted several times, and for whatever reason, the version 10 drivers will not install.


      Right clicking "Update Drivers" and "Search the web for new drivers" in the Windows 7 Device Manager, it says I am up to date.


      What's going on here? Can I use the version 10 drivers or not? Is the Intel Driver Update Utility wrong?