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    Windows 10 Fullscreen Scaling Issue


      So i just wanted to point out an issue I've  been having with Intel's Windows 10 4600HD graphics drivers. While running any game fullscreen at my native 1920x1080, exerything works just fine but the moment I attempt to run an older game such as The Elder Scrolls Morrowind or Just Cause, I get two big black bars on either side of the screen as those games run 1024x768 (4:3, and not native 16:9). In previous versions of windows, this would not be an issue because to solve it, I would take the following steps:


      - Open Intel's HD Control Panel
      - Lower the screen res to any 4:3 setting
      - Select FULLSCREEN SCALING (instead of maintain aspect ratio) and then press apply/ok
      - Then go back to my native 16:9 1920x1080 res
      - Now any older game I attempt to run fullscreen 1024x768 is stretched without black bars


      This worked fix worked for Windows 7, 8, 8.1


      Now after upgrading to Windows 10 yesterday, I came across the same problem. Which I thought would be no big deal. However the drivers are bugged and arent allowing me to use this same fix as before.
      Im able to get to the 3rd step in my fix (setting scaling to fullscreen on a 4:3 res), but this setting automatically changes back to "maintain aspect ratio" the moment i change back to my native 16:9 1920x1080.


      What seems to be happening is the second I go back to 1080p, the Intel control pannel makes ALL resoloution settings revert to "maintain aspect raito" opposed to saving my change that makes any older 4:3 res

      stretch fullscreen. As a result, all older games that don't support 1080p are having these really annoying black bands on either side of the screen.. If anyone can please provide a hotfix or some kind of information on this topic that would be helpful. I've personally seen maybe two or three complaints about this online in forums and youtube comments but still no answers.


      I've also tried:
      - Downloading and installing the latest Windows 10supported Intel Graphics Driver from my laptop manufacturer's website
      - Uninstalling the driver and allowing windows to install the very latest from windows update
      - Playing the game after changing my desktop res to the same as in game. (this works but I shouldn't have to do this every time I want to play an older game fullscreen stretched. I never had to in previous versions of windows)


      Please help! Any information would be much appreciated.

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          Same problem here. I've tried everything to solve this problem, including most of what you've posted above and then some, to no avail. Incredibly annoying issue.

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            So despite Intel reporting that the issue had been replicated and they would be attempting to resolve it (Over a week ago), the latest driver for Intel HD's 4600 (which was not available to download after it's release between August 9th, 10th) due to broken links, has FINALLY been fixed and available to download.


            I can confirm the issue is STILL in fact *NOT FIXED* and when lowering the res to 1024x768 (4:3) and setting the scaling to "stretched", the moment you revert back to your native res, any setting you made for 4:3 automatically reverts back to "Maintain Aspect Ratio". Exact same issue as before. It is almost as if nothing was done to fix this. (Occouring on various Optimus enabled laptops. This paticular issue is with a Lenovo Y50 FHD non-touch laptop running Windows 10 64Bit with an Intel Core i7 4700HQ CPU and 4600 HD IGP. The onboard dedicated GPU is an Nvidia GTX 860M


            So tell me Intel. What the heck are you guys doing? The release notes for the driver has the following:

            KEY ISSUES FIXED:

            • Windows 8 DirectX10 and DirectX11 games running on touch enabled systems would run with “Centered” scaling if resolution was set to less than the native panel resolution. This issue is fixed in Windows 10.

            Nope. Running TES Morrowind in 1400x1050 still results in these distracting black bars n either side including a Window surrounding the game (edges of the screen are cut off, not allowing the user to see UI elements on the edges of screen such as stamina bar).


            What exactly was fixed/updated in this driver? Certainly not the issue over 100 people have reported on the forums. Can I can some kind of answer please?

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              For further assistance regarding windows 10* and driver issues please refer to the following thread: