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    How to fix Intel HD Graphics 4600 "has stopped working and has recovered" issue?



      So, for a very long time I have had the problem that my display driver (Intel HD Graphics 4600) stops working whenever I play certain modpacks for Minecraft.

      This is what happens:

      -I load up the game

      -I arrive at the main menu

      -Lets say I wanted to go to my desktop, I click in the lower right corner

      -The games freezes for a second, minimizes and the error message pops up saying that the display driver has stopped working.

      -I open up the game, and the screen is all white so I have to close it down and restart it.


      So I have been researching it and I know this is a common issue. I havent been able to find a solution though so that is why I am asking this of you (the community).

      Please help, because I really want to be able to play my games without getting this issue constantly.