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    Intel NUC D54250WYK display freezing / unexpected crashes


      Intel NUC D54250WYK display freezing / unexpected crashes


      After a week of trouble shooting, and 3 times the return of faulty hardware, I am now come there to my system crashes on an Intel NUC D54250WYK caused by a bug in the driver using a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter.


      During the first installations I was not aware that if I went from the PC for a while, so it was gone dead when I came back. Thought it was an installation error, and installed again. I could work on it for hours, but when I left it was dead when I got back. The system log told nothing about what was wrong.


      Put the system's power plan to turn off the monitor after 1 minute, then freezes the PC after 1 minute and can not be awakened again.
      Put it to never turn off the screen, so run it properly.

      Change to NATIVE Microsoft VGA driver, so it also run properly, but with low resolution.


      With some research, I found an article about a new Intel Iris and HD Graphics Driver allegedly solves this problem for a number of Intel machines, but just not for Intel NUC D54250WYK.


      Key issues resolve with this release:

      * System vil hung up når running FurMark + Prim95. Windows 8.1
      * Display setting of some specific panels in dual display configuration comes back incorrect når Resuming from S3 Windows 8.1
      * Garbage seen når playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II Windows 8.1
      * # Black screen seen on VGA monitor når unplugging DP cable on a system with DP and VGA displays connected Windows 8.1 (My Issue)
      * Display Flickering is observed while playing Halo 2 game * Windows * 8.1
      * One or two DP monitors connected on daisy chain kan not display når plugging and unplugging DP cable multiple times Windows * 7

      The first 3 Intel NUC I tested was of the type 5i5RYH, and they had the same problem, so I decided to switch to an Intel NUC D54250WYK, but here was the problem unchanged.

      Now the question. Is there a beta HD Graphics driver for the Intel NUC D54250WYK that can solve the problem with DisplayPort to VGA problem?

      Or should I just change the screen to a HDMI model.


      Unfortunately, it has cost a lot of time to come to a realization of what the problem consisted of, and my supplier was not going to test it yourself, but return just the "Defective" equipment to Intel.