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    AC 7260 card and Drivers version 17.0.3




      I I just downloaded 17.0.3 and installed it and I am not impressed.  At my College campus you can only get 802.11 N speed if you have a dual band card.  if you only have a single band card you can only get 802.11 G speed. well I have the Intel AC 7260 card installed in my laptop and I check the status of my connection to my schools network and it says 54Mbps. When was using 17.0.2 it was reading 300Mpbs. Which is true 802.11N speed.  I have attached a screen shot of the new showing that I have 17.0.3 installed.    Please how can we fix this issue.  I want my 300 Mbps back..


      I have disabled U-APSD support.