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    Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 New Drivers and WiDi issues


      So I am having two issues but I think they are both connected. The first issue I am having is that when I do a scan of my computer for new drivers it says that there is a new driver for Wireless card it says that I am running version and I need to install 17.0.2.  But I am already running drivers.  I will screenshot this below.  now if I download the file it says to download to do the upgrade the only option I get is to uninstall or repair. When I click the repair button it does the repair. After it finishes the repair then my WiDi no longer works. It says I need to download the latest drivers for my network card. I have screenshot the exact error message below. Can someone please give me some advice on how to fix this issue?  The only work around fix I have found is to download the latest ProSet Wireless software with out installing it.  Then Uninstall the WiDi Software, ProSet Wireless software, and my Wireless card and check delete drivers.  Reboot it and then install the ProSet Wireless software that I downloaded and then redownload the WIDI software.  when I do this it still says I need to update the drivers but I just Ignore it.  I really would like more of a real fix for this not just the work around that I have.  Can someone please help.

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          Thanks for joining the Networking community.

          I understand the Intel WIDI utility requires installing new driver version.

          Indeed you are currently running the latest wireless drivers for your WIFI device.

          I regret to inform you that this is a known problem with the driver update utility and the Intel engineering team is working to fix this matter as soon as possible.


          Please check the link below for latest drivers:




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            I just downloaded 17.0.3 and installed it and I am not impressed.  At my College campus you can only get 802.11 N speed if you have a dual band card.  if you only have a single band card you can only get 802.11 G speed. well I have the Intel AC 7260 card installed in my laptop and I check the status of my connection to my schools network and it says 54Mbps. When was using 17.0.2 it was reading 300Mpbs. Which is true 802.11N speed.  I have attached a screen shot of the new showing that I have 17.0.3 installed.    Please how can we fix this issue.  I want my 300 Mbps back..


            I have disabled U-APSD support


            I have also matched the settings.

            If there is any more information that I could give you please let me know. I can supply a guide of how the school configures the network setting on the PCs.

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              Public library.PNG

              I have also gone to a public Library how had dual band network and it is showing up as 54 Mbps.  they are using 802.11N also  here is the screen shot of it.

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                Thanks for the information, I see your configuration says wireless mode: 802.11a/b/g, you may try to force this wireless card to work at 802.11a. Also, check the link below for information about some problems reported for some customers not exceeding 54 Mbps speed.




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                  I did a clean install of windows 7 last night and the first thing I did was install So I know that there is no other version of the drivers on the computer.  And today at my College campus it still read only 54Mbps. Before it would always connect at 300Mbps. There is something wrong with this drivers now that I have installed these drivers it will not connect at 300Mbps. if I could get that speed with then that tells me that it is something with the drivers. I have even tried at a public library that was an open network no WiFi security setting and still only go 54Mbps.  I know that my card is dual band because at the library I could see there 5Ghz network and connect to it.


                  I will say this again My college Campus uses WPA2-Enterprise and the public library used no Security settings.


                  I also do not know how to force to use 802.11A as I said above that I could see and connect to the 5Ghz and with my College campus's network if it sees you have A capability it automatically give you 300Mbps.

                  This come from my college talking about the network.

                  Securewireless uses 802.11i technology, commonly known as WPA2.  WPA2 along with 802.1x, relies on the wireless client’s ability to authenticate onto a network with a username and password and then encrypts the data with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). UCIT enabled WPA2 wireless security on access points in January, 2008, and has included WPA2 security on all access points installed since then.

                  After a wireless user performs the initial setup for Securewireless on their wireless device, they then need to user their Central Login Credentials (CLS) to gain access to the wireless network. There are two WPA2 standards available, WPA2-Personal and WPA2-Enterprise; WPA2-Personal is designed for home use.  UCIT recommends that all new wireless devices support the WPA2-Enterprise standard.

                  Users wishing to implement WPA2 must have a supplicant on their wireless device that supports 802.1x. Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8 natively support 802.1x authentication, as well as MAC OS X 10.3 and above. Versions of 802.1x are readily available for download for Linux devices. Users will need to follow the detailed directions posted on the UCIT web page to configure their 802.1x supplicant for access to the wireless network.

                  All new external, internal and USB wireless cards must have WPA2 Enterprise certification. It is also recommended that all new wireless cards support a/g/n.  Wireless cards designated b/g/n will only connect at g speeds on the UC wireless network due to the physical limitations of the b/g band.

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                    Thanks for the information.

                    You can see instructions about how to change wireless mode and force it to use 802.11a




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                      Thank you for the link.  I honestly did not find it very helpful because it did not tell exactly what settings I need to change.   I have set my setting exactly like this.  and I still was am receive a connection at 54Mbps.  and as I have said on other posts.  With diver version I was connecting at 300Mbps and now that I installed I can only connect at 54Mbps.  It is something with the new drivers.

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                        Yes, the link has instructions about how to access wireless adapter settings but follow instructions below:


                        Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop or from the Start menu.

                        Click Manage.

                        Click Device Manager.

                        Click the + sign to expand the Network Adapters entry.

                        Right-click the wireless adapter and click Properties.

                        Click the Advanced tab to configure the advanced settings.

                        Locate Wireless mode and select Value. There you can select it to use 802.11a


                        If a previous version was working on your system, try uninstalling the new version and install the old driver until next driver will be released.





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                               So I have downloaded diver version 17.0.5 and now I am having issues with the WiDi software saying I need to install the latest version of my network card driver.  According to your website this is the latest version of drivers.  How can I fix this isuse?