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    Intel HD4000 and hdmi failure (again) with samsung laptop


      Hi. Ive got a samsung NP470R5E-K01UB laptop, i5 3230M chip, Intel HD4000 graphics, windows 8.1.


      hdmi to my tv screen on laptop goes on and off every 2 seconds for about a minute while recognising tv, then stays on not recognising tv. At no stage does a picture appear on tv.


      Just spent 2 hours on chat with samsung who were pretty useless but nice. they said latest intel update may not work with laptop, and that their last update is most recent even though my laptop says it was installed on 28/11/2013.


      Can I use intel driver 3496 on my laptop to see if it helps? and do i use exe or zip file and how do i do it? thank you, David