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    FPS drops on Counter-Strike 1.6 (Intel HD 3000, Windows 8)


      Hey, when playing Counter-Strike 1.6, I sometime get FPS drops from 100 down to 40 or so. It happens when:


      1. There's a SG (smoke granade) on the ground;

      2. There are a few enemies in front of me;

      3. I'm looking somewhere far away;


      In other cases, most of the time, I have 100FPS. I don't think these FPS drops are normal, because I was playing games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 without any problems. My s, laptoppecs:


      OS: Windows 8.0;

      CPU: Intel-2330M;

      GPU: Intel HD 3000;

      RAM: 4GB;

      SSD: Crucial M4;

      In-game graphics engine: OpenGL;

      Driver version: (latest);


      If you need any other information, just tell me. I hope I'll see the solution for this bug.