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    Intel HD Graphics 515 - can it playback Bluray-3D content?




      I'm owning a HP Elite x2 1012 G1, equipped with an Intel HD Graphics 515 graphics chip.


      The chip's driver dialog claims that the chip supports 3D playpack, but when I have PowerDVD 16/17 try to playback a Bluray-3D's movie content (having a 3D DLP Link enabled beamer connected to my notebook), the following error message appears:


      Screenshot 3D playback error.png


      The error message I get is in German. Here is the translation of it:

      Playback stopped because your graphics card driver is incompatible. Make sure it meets the minimum requirements. You can find additional information on the CyberLink FAQ web site (code-0012).


      Run the BD/HD Advisor tool for more information.

      What's wrong? Why can't I playback a 3D movie's content in Full-HD with the Intel HD Graphics 515 although its driver dialog claims to be able to do so?