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    2560x1440 on Intel HD 4600 via DVI-D Dual-Link (Bad Windows drivers from Intel)


      My monitor supports 2560x1440 and it's connected to Intel HD 4600 via DVI-D Dual-Link cable but not working at this resolution on Windows, but works on GNU/Linux. So, it's obviously a software problem.


      This works on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) great at the 2560x1440 @ 60Hz but on Windows 7 with all updates (tried both with and without Intel newest drivers from intel site) it works ONLY in 1920x1080 and it DOES NOT work at 2560x1440 at all.

      The same cable, the same monitor, the difference is OS and apparently Intel drivers.


      HD 4600 was selected by me for buying (as a part of CPU obviously) because it was advertised to support 2560x1440, so keep your promises.


      So, the conditions for you to reproduce if you need:

      1. Windows 7 up to date.
      2. 2560x1440 monitor
      3. DVI-D Dual-Link connection

      Works as expected on GNU/Linux (2560x1440) and doesn't work on Windows with your drivers (1920x1080 max).


      If you want to get any service logs or dumps, please take them here (the user KAPACbwork provided a lot of information already):


      It's an ticket about the same issue, which was not solved (but it was set as "Assumed Answered" probably after the guy with the issue lost any hope to get it fixed).

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