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    OpenGL SELECT function appeared to be broken starting with Trimble Sketchup 2015 through 2017. This problem seems to have happened before. Please help


      Starting with Trimble's Sketchup version 2015, the OpenGL Select function appears to be broken. It would take along time for the Select function to response. There is a discussion forum in Sketchup  here:




      I have done a quick analysis (SecondLife) for the issue which I am repeating it here:



      I sincerely appreciate your help. In my computer I do have the latest Intel driver for the HD4000. Yes, I do have the Intel Driver Update Utility (version My Intel HD4000 driver version is However, I can debunk the blames on the two most popular causes (i.e. (1) Windows update & (2) Not having latest driver). All you have to do is perform this simple test. If your computer is affected, down load a copy of Sketchup 2014 and 2015. Create a simple drawing, a single line will do. Then try to select it. Sketchup 2014 will work and Sketchup 2015 won’t. So for the same environment (i.e. same computer set-up with same Windows updates and same graphics driver), why does one version works and the other won’t? (For those who believe that this problem is not under Trimble control, I hope this experiment will settle it. Earlier versions of Sketchup can sidestep the Windows deficiencies). Now, if you go into the Preference panel on the Sketchup 2015 and disable the OpenGL hardware accelerator, then Sketchup selection will work albeit at the much degraded performance since the CPU is now doing all the work. This narrows the issue to just the OpenGL interface. Now if Trimble wants to fix this problem, all they have to do is examine the OpenGL interface in the built sheets for Sketchup 2014 and 2015, pay particular attention to Windows global parameter settings (highly impacted by Windows updates), look at all the differences between the two OpenGL built (yes, I am aware that these are two different OpenGL versions). Perhaps, the problem is now narrow enough to identify the culprit. BTW, prior to my retirement, I have nearly three decades of flight worthy hardware/software development for a major American airplane manufacture. I sincerely thank the Sketchup team for such an outstanding product. Sketchup has given me so much pleasure for my creative hobby works. I hope Sketchup Make continue to be successful and available free to hobbyists worldwide. Even the Pro version is dirt cheap compare to other CADs."


      It seems like this issue has happened once before with other CADs:


      OpenGL selection picking (GL_SELECT) appears broken in latest Intel drivers


      Can you help us suffering Sketchup users?


      Thank you in advance for any assistance. BTW, I am not an employee of Trimble so I can't provide any insight into Sketchup software. I am just a suffering hobbyist trying very hard to find relief.


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