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      I have a problems that I've seen posted already regarding an updated graphics driver for Intel -  In at least one post it is suggested that everyone with the same or similar problem open a new thread to allow Intel to troubleshoot because each case is considered a unique occurrence. 


      Win 10 automatically pushed this out and it changed everything about my display, especially the way I define and use multiple monitors.  I have my laptop (#1) and 2 extra desktop monitors, but after the updated driver I see up to 7 monitors in the settings.  I originally had #1 duplicated to #2 and extended to #3 and that was great.  Now I cannot do the same thing in the same way.  I have tried disabling and removing the extra monitors but they continue to reappear.  I rolled back to a prior driver which solved the problem but then Windows pushed out the update again and it all went bad.  I cannot shut off Windows updates as this is a work laptop.


      I am running on:

      Dell Precision M3800

      Originally WIn 7 - upgraded to Win 10 V1607 Build 14393.447

      Intel i7-4702 HQ CPU @ 2.20 GHZ

      16 GB memory

      64 Bit (x64) processor.

      Intel HD Graphics 4600

      NVIDIA Quadro K1100M


      I also use a USB dock - Dell D3100 which used DisplayLink.  After the video driver updated, as part of troubleshooting, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest DisplayLink software (V8.0.923.0)

      My device manager currently lists 4 Generic Non-PnP and 3 Generic PnP monitors even though I don't actually have all of them.