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    Graphics Driver crash and recover repeatedly frequently


      I have just bought a laptop (Thinkpad yoga 460) a few weeks ago and this problem has bothered me til now.


      I've had this message saying "display driver stopped responding and has recovered" and the screen started working abnormal. I have been looking for and tried many solutions (from Lenovo Forum, Microsoft Support Site, Youtube, and Intel) as listed below:


      1. uninstall and update the drive from Intel (even the beta driver provided by Intel .

      2. Uninstall and update the drive from Lenovo Support Site

      3. Set TdrDelay to value 8 / 10

      4. reset the whole pc


      However, all methods above failed.


      Could you please suggest a method to solve this critical issue?


      My  GPU is Intel HD Graphics 520, and current driver version is, which was installed from Intel Support Site.


      Enclosed please find my MSINFO32 report and photo showing the crash.