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    speedproblem with intel network card


      I have speed problems with my Acer I7 / W7 - 64b network connection (intel82578). It refuses to connect with gigabit, only allows me to connect with 10mb. It's connected to a utp cat 6 to a gigabit switch (zyxel / sweex, tried two). Other pc's connect w.o. problems. Upload speed to my (gig) nas is dramatical, about 55 minutes for 1 gigabyte file. I installed the latest driver. Running the drivertest, then the gigabit leds of the switch are flashing and according to the driver test all is well except that I dont have a link). It is probabely is some parameter I have to set, but can't figure out which. I've got broadband to a zyxel router, connected to a gigabit switch. Pc - to pc is gigabit, connection to router is 100mb. No pc's are directly connected to the router. Anybody any clues how I can solve this issue?