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    NUC6 graphics intermittently needs driver reload (or reboot) waking up from sleep


      We have a Acer 4k Displayport monitor. Windows 10 Pro. Latest graphics drivers.


      Sometimes when the computer wakes from sleep, the monitor does not receive a displayport signal.  This is driving my wife crazy and she is threatening to return the NUC. 


      Anyway, I tried the following steps. In one reproduction of the issue, 'no signal' issue on the monitor I performed the following steps.

      1. So, I power cycled the monitor (which sometimes works). This did not fix the issue. 
      2. I disconnected the displayport and connected the monitor's HDMI input to the HDMI port on the NUC. No signal on HDMI either.
      3. I then brought in a different monitor! Connected it to HDMI. No signal on that one either.
      4. Next I connected to the computer via remote desktop. I then went to device manager (devmgmt.msc) and disabled and then reenabled the Intel Iris graphics driver.  As soon as I reenabled the graphics device--voila the monitor had a signal on Displayport  again.


      This is a driver issue. The stupid graphics driver needs to address this.

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