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    Updated or supported HDMI test driver for AVR users who lose sync


      I have the seemingly common problem of HDMI sync issues when connected through an external audio-video receiver to a TV. Some people are able to resolve the issue by taping off pin 19, but that did not work for w/o the Intel HDMI test driver. With the test driver and pin 19 disabled, Windows 8.1 MCE no longer shrinks down to 1/2 resolution or loses audio.


      My current setup is an i5 Braswell Intel NUC with 6000 graphics, but I had the same issue on a previous 4000 series integrated GPU. This also happened with 2 different Yamaha AVRs connected to a Panasonic plasma and with or w/o HDMI-thru option enabled


      I verified that latest official (non-test) drivers and betas do not include whatever code is in the test driver as they all resize/lose audio if pin 19 is enabled and have no output if 19 is covered. I even used teamviewer to login separately and attempt to set the display size w/o help


      What is the ETA for merging the 2 driver versions so that drivers downloaded via Windows update or from Intel will also work? Otherwise, we are all stuck with a nearly year old driver




      Download Test Driver - HDMI Display Detection