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    NUC5i3RYK will not power on...is it sleeping or dead?



      I recently purchased a NUC5i3RYK and I am having some trouble, the unit will not boot at all.


      RAM: G.SKILL DDR3L-1600 CL11-11-11-28 1.35v

           PC3L-12800 4Gx1 SO-DIMM


      M.2: Transcend 128 GB SATA III 6GB/S MTS400

           42mm M.2 SSD Solid State Drive, TS128GMTS400



      I installed Ubuntu 14.04 and everything was working fine, except for some random freezing (maybe once daily). I run Ubuntu on some desktops so I am used to some random freezes here and there.


      Anyhow, this has been working for a few weeks until recently. It froze and when I attempted to reboot...I could no longer get it to power up (never mind getting to the bios anymore).


      I have removed both the ram and ssd to try and provoke some error codes, but nothing happens - no beeps, no lights.


      However, when I plug the NUC in there is a green light inside (can only see if you open it up), also if I plug an RJ45 the green light appears beside it.


      So I know it is getting power...


      I read in some other threads that the NUC (not the same model, but similar ones) is in a DEEP sleep and the battery needs to be removed/recycled.


      I am hesitant to do so for fear of breaking the warranty.


      This is already a replacement NUC as the first one behaved in exactly the same way (again after a few weeks) and I returned it. But reading in the forums this time, I get the feeling I might not have to send it back...I can recycle it myself.


      Lastly, it is possible that my ram and ssd are not both on the compatibility list and I would be willing to replace whichever...but IT DID WORK - the compatibility issue is not why it is refusing to boot (b/c it has booted 50 times at least with no prob).



      Advice appreciated!




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          The problem you're referring to (if I'm not mistaken) has to do with suspend to RAM. So unless you suspended the NUC and it did not wake up you are probably experiencing a different problem. But you can always try to remove the CMOS battery and see if that helps. I think I've read somewhere that this does not void your warranty, but better check back with Intel.

          Anyway, I can tell you that freezing every now and then is definitely not normal with Linux. Granted 14.04 is pretty old (older than the Broadwell generation aou're running it on), but even there it should still work if you use a newer kernel. I'm using Arch which is a rolling release distribution and so has alwayws very current software (and bugs;) and I have never experienced a freeze with my NUC5i3.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi eskimoroll,
            We have seen a random issue with the NUCs while running Linux operating systems. They are not waking up after sleep mode or hibernation.
            Lokutos provides with the workaround on this issue (post 1). Intel is still investigating the problem.
            Mike C