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    Flicker issue with HD 4600


      Hi All,

      I built a system for a friend using the following.

      ASRock B85M-ITX Motherboard

      I3 4370 Haswell CPU

      Corsair CX430 Power Supply

      8GB G.Skill PC3 12800 Memory

      Windows 10 64 Bit


      For the first few weeks of use, he had no issues. Now when he uses it for longer periods of time 1 hour+ he is having issues with the screen flickering.

      He tells me he has to reboot to resolve it and its OK for a period of time.

      I went over last weekend and installed Intels latest Beta drivers ( for Windows 10. He said it was OK for a day but then it started with the flickering again today.

      Im about ready to slap in a video card and call it a day. Im open to suggestions and was hoping someone might have some ideas.

      I was thinking it might be either motherboard related or possibly a flaky power supply. I was also thinking maybe their might be a heat issue. I used the heat sink pad that came with the CPU and thought maybe its worth monitoring the temps via an ASRock windows utility and see if things are heating up.

      I did look at the temps in the BIOS after completing the build and everything looked acceptable.

      Due to the intermittent nature of the issue i dont really have the time to sit in front of it and wait for the problem to occur.

      Anyone recommend a stress test for video that might get the problem to occur or any thing else i can try to fix this.

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          Hello, LOTL:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          I would like to check the following components that could be in the background of the issue.


          -Test the system with different cables.

          -Test your computer with different monitor/TV.

          -Please test your system with this driver: Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 [15.40][4th Gen]

          -Additionally, if possible, test your system with a different video port (HDMI, DVI, Display port)

          -Test your system with the default drivers from Windows 10* you can get them after uninstalling the current graphics driver from the device manager.


          I look forward to your outcome with this.



          Esteban C

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            Thanks for your reply Esteban. They initial drivers that i used (and the ones that had been running when the problem first started i believe were the 15.40 ones you mention. I then moved onto the beta drivers during my last visit to see what was going on with the flickering.

            I have been unsuccessful in getting my friend to check to see if he has both DVI and VGA connections on his monitor. He is pretty tech challenged and most likely he will drop the computer off here for me to work on.

            Being that he is an hour away from me, it makes dropping over there very time consuming. Once its here i can certainly test it with a different monitor and with both the DVI and VGA ports.

            I think if it does it with both of those, it wont matter if it does it with the HDMI or not. Ill put the 15.40 drivers back on and give it a work out and see what happens.

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              Hello, LOTL:


              Thank you for your answer.


              I look forward to your outcome with this.



              Esteban C