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    No picture on Displayport on NUC5i5RYH




      I''m having trouble getting picture using a mini-DP -> DP cable connected to an AOC U3477PQU monitor.


      Working fine:

      Mini-HDMI -> HDMI: 3440x1440@30Hz

      Mini-DP -> HDMI: 1920x1080@60Hz


      I'm hoping to get the full 3440x1440@60Hz resolution and need to use Mini-DP -> DP, but no picure is displayed using this connection. I see no picture during boot either.


      I have tried:

      1 - Shutting the computer off and turning it on with just the mini-dp -> dp cable connected: No picture during boot and no picture in Windows 10.

      2 - Turning the computer on with both the mini-dp -> dp cable connected to the AOC and a mini-hdmi -> hdmi cable connected to another display: Only picture on the other display during boot and in Windows 10.

      3 - Turning the computer on with just the hdmi connection to the other display and connecting the dp cable after windows 10 has loaded: Very little happens. A little flickering on the hdmi-display, and the AOC seems to be registering that something is happening as the status-light changes from "standby" to "active", but no picture, it goes back to "standby" after a few seconds. Sometimes when I do this, the hdmi-display flickers on and off and will not display correctly until after I have disconnected the DP cable. But never any picture on the AOC.


      (My secondary display is a TV without a DP-port so I can't test connecting the DP to that display)


      I have tried connecting a laptop to the monitor using a full size DP -> DP cable and that works fine. It's just the mini-DP -> DP from the NUC to the monitor that is not working.


      I have installed the latest graphics drivers from https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25644/Graphics-Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-1-10-for-Intel-NUC


      Any suggestions?