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    Intel SRT & Windows 10


      As far as I understand, Intel RST drivers up to version 14.8 still don't support Smart Response Technology in Windows 10.

      This is becoming a serious issue for me as a computer builder. I have dozens of clients who have upgraded from 8.1 to 10 and lost their SSD caching functionality. I was a real supporter of SRT because it made it easy for novice users not to fill up a small SSD and sold many computers with SRT.

      I've promised them all that I'll fix this issue as soon as Intel releases drivers that support this feature in Windows 10 but as of today this hasn't happened. I made that promise in August. It's been more than six months now and some of my clients are becoming very displeased with me. I've basically already lost some clients because their computers have become too slow, forcing me to install full fledged SSDs at my expense or downgrade them back to 8.1, in hope not to lose them.

      What's the deal here? Is Intel ever going to release drivers that enable SRT in Windows 10? You had a year of time. I'm starting to think that this feature is never going to come to 10 which is crazy since it's still advertised on your website.