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    NUC NUC6i5SYH - problem bios


      Hello everyone,

      I have a NUC NUC6i5SYH + 535 SSD Intel
      Bios update with the release SY0036.BIO

      I made a change in the bios. Disabling WiFi.

      Boot priority legacy: deactivated.

      Since I still have the same message when starting the NUC:

      "the system BIOS has detected unsuccessful POST attempt(s). Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS Performance options or recent hardware changes. Press 'Y' to enter BIOS Setup or press 'N' to cancel and attempt to boot with previous settings"

      I do not see how this message disabled in bios.

      Do you have an idea?

      Thank you very much.

      PS: do you know when there will be drivers (WiFi, BT, graphics) to linux mint? thank you

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          Hi jeanfr,


          The operating system might be installed as UEFI instead of Legacy, so the NUC is not able to boot. I suggest you to get into BIOS and reset settings with F9 then, save changes with F10.


          In regards the drivers, it is necessary to review Linux Mint main website in order to get possible compatible drivers. Main Page - Linux Mint


          Mike C

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            Thank you for this return.

            In fact I have just found.
            To disable the "failsafe watchdog" in the bios. And that's OK.

            For drivers and unless I am mistaken.
            Intel has not provided the drivers of this model for linux. Seems you.


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              Hi jeanfr,


              I had exactly the same at the beginning. My NUC came with BIOS 024. And the behavior of the error message changed a bit after changing to BIOS v 036. Did you try to switch off legacy or UEFI in BIOS ? Or you just disabled "Failsafe Watchdog" ? It is strange that we have this error and others don´t have. I know there are some people around here with more or less the same BIOS settings. I am really aware of a lot of people bricking the unit with different errors (mostly or only (?) whea error).

              Do you see your SSD in the tab UEFI or at the tab legacy ?

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                I have the bios vesrion 36.
                I made the following changes in the bios:


                - Disabling WiFi.

                - Boot priority legacy: deactivated.

                - failsafe watchdog : deactivated.

                And nothing else. For now I have no other errors.

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                  Hi jeanfr,
                  Thank you for your feedback.