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    Intel HD graphics not allowing me to run games




      I was recently trying to play a few games on my HP Spectre X360, and it has good specs (i5 5th gen, 8GB Ram, Intel HD 5500 graphics), but the Vram is only allocated 512mb, making most games 'think' my computer doesn't have enough memory, when it actually does. Is there any way to increase this number so I can play the game? Or is there a way to fool the game into thinking I have enough vram/ram?

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          Hi therealcase77,


          Intel HD 5500 can take up to 1.7GB of the memory of your system (8GB). The amount of memory assigned to the graphics is dynamic; it changes according to the system requirements.


          Now, laptop manufacturers customize the maximum amount of memory that processor can use for the graphics. It is necessary to verify with your computer manufacturer which is the maximum memory supported.


          Mike C