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    No System Manufacturer in WMI query or BIOS on NUC5PGYH


      We recently purchased a NUC5PGYH to start toying around with deploying them in our environment using MDT. To inject drivers, we use the system manufacturer/model information from WMI to pull down the right drivers for the different model devices we use. The NUC5PGYH we purchased does not seem to have any information for the manufacturer. Its not listed within the BIOS and returns as blank when running the following command:

      "wmic computersystem get manufactuer"

      I do get the model when running "wmic computersystem get model". I updated the BIOS to the latest version (Version: 0048), but it didn't seem to help.


      Anyone else seeing this?

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          I am experiencing the same problem but on a NUC5PPYH. Out of the box it had the problem so I updated the BIOS to the latest version and still nothing. When I go into the BIOS I see the product manufacturer and model but when I run "wmic csproduct get name" all that is returned is a blank line like your screenshow shows. One thing to point out with mine is that the BIOS lists the product name as NUC5PPYB while mine is an NUC5PPYH, not sure why it's like this.


          We bought one for testing and hoped to buy lots more for offices and labs. After looking at other forum posts with different NUC models, it looks like this an issue for numerous models and that a new BIOS update with the fix is needed from Intel.

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            You need to set this information yourself. Only the SMBIOS strings for the board are set in the factory. What you need to do is load the latest BIOS into the Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK) program and modify the strings as you wish. You can then use the modified BIO (or EBU EXE) file produced to install this BIOS and the customized SMBIOS strings (etc.) onto your system - or onto multiple systems if all identical. There is also a command-line version of the ITK tool that you can use to set up (script) the customization of system-specific strings (like the system serial number)...


            Hope this helps,


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              I was nervous about doing this since my model wasn't on the supported list and the ITK says "Don't change" next to the fields I needed to change but it worked! I changed the System Manufacturer to Intel Corporation and System Product Name to NUC5PPYH, saved and then updated the BIOS and MDT now detects it properly. It's kind of a pain that this information isn't set upfront but not a big deal since I would probably update the BIOS on all our future NUC's anyway before deploying Windows.


              Thank you for your help!

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                I laughed for a good five minutes after reading your response! We (marketing and development team members) debated long and ******* the interface to use when we were designing the product. The "Don't Change" was supposed to indicate that, unless you click on it and make a change, the field's contents were to remain with the previous setting (i.e. the default). This wasn't my choice, but I lost the debate. To me (and obviously to you ), "Don't Change" means, well, "Don't Change It!". Ah well, I am retired now and can look back on it, um, more fondly...


                Not setting any of the chassis and system strings is, in my opinion, incorrect, but in this too my opinion was ignored. The issue is that there are quite a few Integrators who take the NUCs and rebrand them as their own product (after adding some meaningful hardware and/or software into the mix). In these cases, they will want to be the ones setting these fields and not be blocked from doing so because Intel already programmed them. There are cases where Integrators are purchasing only the board and not the chassis, so setting the chassis fields is treated to the same argument. IMHO, Intel should set all of these fields but allow them to be changed - and provide a mechanism whereby an Integrator, once he has customized these fields, can lock them down so they can not subsequently be changed...


                So, what to do. Most folks simply use the Board Information strings instead. These are just as easily accessed from within WMI (or the Registry or the SMBIOS Structure Table itself) as are the System Information strings. In WMI, access the Win32_BaseBoard object and fields Manufacturer and Product. In the registry, access key HKLM\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\BIOS and fields BaseBoardManufacturer and BaseBoardProduct.



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                  Thank you Scott for the support provided in this, as useful as usual for sure it is.


                  yakzero, if you require any further information or support, do not hesitate to contact us back.



                  Esteban C