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    Intel Stick STK1AW32SCR no display after BIOS update.




      Brand new Intel stick STK1AW32SCR. This has happened on two different sticks.


      Unbox, hook up HDMI, keyboard, power with included power supply. Boot into the BIOS, check the settings, exit bios.

      The system finishes updating and reboots into the initial windows install. Shutdown the system.


      After a shutdown the system never displays anything again. It never wakes a monitor back up again regardless of monitor type, but the blue power light comes on.


      On the second stick, the only difference is that I updated the BIOS to the latest (019) before booting into windows the first time. But the results are still the same.


      Any hints would be appreciated since I can repeat this behaviour and I do not appear to be doing anything out of the ordinary here. And the sticks are no longer usable without a HDMI output.