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    NUC6I5SYH and ‘Intel® Iris™ Graphics 540’


      Why I decided to buy a NUC6i5 ?

      Because I’m looking for a solution using the new ‘Intel® Iris™ Graphics 540’ because of the power https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_HD_and_Iris_Graphics#Skylake

      Here they talk about @1.05 GHz…


      At http://ark.intel.com/products/91160/Intel-Core-i5-6260U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-2_90-GHz you talk about ‘Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency: 950 MHz’… OK, not nice but because of the small form factor / shape and the 15 TDW it seems to be like something I have to live with…


      Some days ago I found at the "Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) (12.10.2015)" out, that I got max Frequency 849 MHz https://communities.intel.com/message/379328#379328

      Today I verified it using "AIDA64 v5.60.3700" (stabilitytest only GPU) and using "HWiNFO 5.20 x64" to monitor the GPU Current Clock and got the same result…


      Intel: I have to say I feel just a little cheated !!!

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          playing HalfLife 2 addon Episode One I reach 898MHz with the 540.

          I was more concerned about the temps I had during game-play, or shouldn't I worry?

          The game-play in itself was fluid and a good experience, no lag or stutter.

          Here's my hwmonitor output, in yellow the temps I reached after 6 minutes of playing.


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            This SoC runs really fast really hot… So the ~80°C seems to be normal for this SoC at this NUC (I don’t know e.g. which thermal-paste/grease with which thermal conductivity they use)… my one also reaches the ~80°C at my stabilitytest only at GPU...


            @INTEL: maybe you can give an answer about the thermal conductivity???

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              Why do you feel "cheated". All the data sheets from Intel make it pretty clear that this frequency is turbo boost territory, which is only used/available if TDP, temperature, and other internal metrics tell the CPU it's OK to use it. The only thing that is guaranteed with this Intel chip is 1.8GHz for both CPU cores and 300MHz for the GPU. That is the base frequency and Intel guarantees that you can run both parts at these frequenies under full load and stay within the 15W TDP envelope. Everything above that is turbo boost and must be viewed more like a bonus.

              That said, I did also notice this capping at 850MHz a while ago and was a bit puzzled, since the rest of the CPU was idle and the whole package still within TDP and temperature limits to allow for a higher clock speed. I *think* that the max. GPU frequency may only be used if not all EUs are active, similar to the CPU cores. 1 active CPU core (the other idle / in C7) can clock up to 2.9GHz while if both are active only 2.7GHz is allowed. Maybe the GPU can only clock at 950MHz if only half the EUs (=shaders) are used or something like that. Unfortunately I haven't found any data sheet which specifies this in detail.

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                Ok. that’s an argument… but at the cores @2.7GHz I know it (I know, also not because of the specs at the link, but because of the infos you will find at the net), but about the max @MHz, as you wrote, at the GPU I only find the 950 and nothing else… I don’t think it’s up to the consumer to find an (possible) answer, it’s up to Intel to be clear, so everything else, in my eyes, is why I do feel a little bit "cheated"…

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                  Hi hausmeister99,


                  NUCs are ultra low power computers. They are intended to perform daily use applications at home or business using very low power. They are capable to run even games; however, the performance might be less than regular desktops with standard power consumption.


                  Are you getting laggings while running applications?


                  Intel recommends to install the latest BIOS version 0036 and disable the option Round Trip Latency Optimization option for a better experience.

                  DDR4 Memory Fix for Intel® NUC Kits NUC6i3SYK/H and NUC6i5SYK/H


                  Mike C

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                    Hi Mike C,


                    „Are you getting laggings while running applications?” that’s not the question…

                    The question is, why Intel sell products with wrong (or not clear) specification information?

                    I buy a product with specific specs to have the posibillity to use it if I need to use it with this specs...


                    It doesn’t help if the iGPU will be able at theoretical to reaches the 950MHz at best case if the SoC is cool enough (which will never happens) and maybe for a peak of some milliseconds… (in Germany we call something like this “Irreführenden Werbung” and it isn’t allowed!)

                    (btw: to sell a product with a SD card reader which can't be used at W7 and give this information at a PDF somewhere at the net with many pages somewhere in the deep of this document is the same story (I don’t tested it, but propagation Linux at this system and hear and read about all the trouble with Linux at the moment sounds for me like the same story…))

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                      Hi hausmeister99,


                      I apologize for the misunderstanding. Intel provides with 3 years of warranty worldwide. I suggest you to get in touch with our Contact Support team; probably they can offer a solution to you.


                      Mike C