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    S5000pal motherboard




      Does anyone know what pci-e version is on the s5000pal motherboard?  I cant find anything about the pci-e specs of this motherboard. Only the fact it is on the motherboard.



      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you

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          The 5000 Series MCH used on these boards provides PCIe support compliant with the PCI Express Interface Specification version 1.0a. The raw bit-rate per bit lane is 2.5 Gb/s. This results in a real bandwidth per bit lane of 250 MB/s (given the 8/10 encoding used to transmit data across this interface). A PCIe port provides four bidirectional bit lanes and is referred to as a x4 port. The maximum theoretical realized bandwidth for a x4 PCIe port is 1 GB/s in each direction.



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            Thank you Scott for the always useful and correct information provided about Onemanarmy's inquiry.



            Esteban C