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    adding new library to Eclipse IDE




      I have an Intel Galileo Gen 1 and I am coding it by using eclipse ide. I have also bought an adafruit motor shield v1 and I want to control them both by coding on Eclipse IDE. I saw that Adafruit has downloadable library for motor shield but it is only described to install this library to arduino ide. How can I use this library on Eclipse Ide.



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          Hi davulist


          You can include libraries to Eclipse by using the right path, adding the include and lib folders into the project, and also by using the respective linker in the properties of the project.

          If you want to include the Adafruit Motor Shield v1 libraries to Eclipse, you need to use the headers for C or C++. Adafruit offers libraries for the Arduino IDE and you can’t create an IoT Project for the Galileo using the Arduino programming language with the Eclipse IDE.


          If you check the .cpp file of the different libraries made by Adafruit you will see the references to the Arduino language and libraries


          If you have the right headers you can add the files in C:\<PathToWhereYouInstalledEclipse>\Intel\iotdk-ide-win\devkit-x86\sysroots\i586-poky-linux\usr\include

          Also, on Project > Properties > Settings you can add the linker flag, the include path and lib path.


          I hope you find this helpful.


          Kind regards,


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            Hello CMata_Intel

            Thank you for your reply. I've just read something about Adafruit Motor Shield V1. Some says it is not supported by Intel Galileo. Does that mean I can not use it with my Galileo? If I can use it, I don't have any other headers for eclipse. Do I have to find a library to code for this shield on eclipse? Since I have a very coplex codes (I am also using OpenCv), I cannot transfer them to Arduino ide from Eclipse ide. What can I do?



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              Hi davulist,


              I would like to know from where you got that the shield is not supported on Galileo. I don’t have the Adafruit Motor Shield V1 to test it and I have never used it so I can’t tell you if it works or not (on the first run at least). In the Shield Testing Report the V2 works for Galileo 1&2. Take a look at the document and see if it helps you.


              If you want to start coding in C for this shield you will need to find the right headers or you will need to create your own library. Have you asked to Adafruit if they have other libraries for that shield?




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                Did you check the Shield Testing Report? Have you asked Adafruit for different headers?

                Let us know if you have been able to work on this.