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    ¿Xbee example Java code?



      Does anyone know where to find example Java code for using the UPM XBee libraries to use with the Intel Edison?


      I have searched on GitHub - intel-iot-devkit/upm and upm: XBee Class Reference but it seems there are no examples there.



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          Hello TonyMontes,


          Currently an example of xbee using Java hasn't been posted, however the upm- xbee library is available to use. You can find all the commands available in the document you posted above:  upm: XBee Class Reference.


          Even though there are no examples for Java, there is an example for C++ (xbee.cxx), Python (xbee.py) and JavaScript (xbee.js), this is probably because support to Java in mraa (and therefore upm) was added in one of its recent updates. In case you are interested in using Java, you could take any of these examples as your base to write your own script in Java. You could also contact the upm developers to ask them to add an xbee example in Issues · intel-iot-devkit/upm · GitHub.



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