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    rst status says cach-mode: off ??


      Hi, after updating to windows 10 i reconfigured the ssd caching with the intel rst interface IAStoreUI.exe. In the performance tab it tells me caching is configured, but in the status tab, if i click on extended it says cach-mode: off. Does that mean the caching doesnt work, or only write caching doesnt work? I think it shoul read write-throug or write-back. thanks, Andi

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          What is the Intel® Rapid Storage version?

          What is the computer model or chipset type?


          At this stage, you probably need to reconfigure SSD cache.



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            Thanks for the reply.
            Its RST  , i just downloaded it

            Computer is Toshiba Sattelite U940, i dont know how to find out about the chipset. neiter BIOS nor  Hardwar manager gave any information.


            What do u mean by reconfigure SSD? What do I have to do and how?


            Befoor reconfiguring everything i would like to know the meaning of the entry.
            Like I said the GUI sais the caching work just fine. Just when i look under adminitser - extended it sais Cach Mode: off.  All i foud in the help is that it coud be write throug or write back, therefore i guess that it concerns only writing and nor the reading, and schince i prefere write throug anyway (i.e. no caching) that would be fine with me.
            The problem is that the message Cach mode off could meane something else entirely and i would realy like to know what exactly they Intel means with this ambiguous entry.


            Thanks again

            P.S. I am translating from a german gui so the correct english names could be differrent.

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              Reconfigure means recreated SSD cache. Start over.

              Please take a look at the link below for information about how to recreate SSD cache

              Intel® Smart Response Technology User Guide