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    NUC Headless


      I need to run the NUC headless and without an external network/router.


      My thoughts were originally to use The NUC with Windows 10 to create a hostednetwork. Then I used RealVNC to access the NUC from a remote TabletPC.

      The TabletPC then acted as the interactive display for the NUC.

      This worked well with the NUC5i5vpro product.

      However, I switched to the Gen6 NUC6i5 hoping to implement the same solution.

      I need a lot of the NUC boards and I have seen the NUC5i5 and NUC5i3 may go out of production.

      Unfortunately, the NUC6i3 AC-8260 wireless module does not support a hostednetwork.

      This can be seen by typing: "netsh wlan show drivers" from the command prompt.


      I have also seen that the Windows 10 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) may be a better solution than the RealVNC.

      So I would switch to that rather than the RealVNC -- but the RDP still needs the network so back to the hostednetwork issue.


      So I need a way to create peer-to-peer communication between the NUC and another TabletPC  all preferably running windows.


      I have seen the intel WiDi functionality and possibly this would work. I tried to use the "Intel My Wifi Dashboard" product but that didn't seem to enable network functionality even though it creates a peer-to-peer capability. It seems to be primarily for sharing files between the two devices.


      Does anyone know a way to use the capability of the Intel Wireless AC-8260 (used on the NUC6i3) to generate a remote desktop functionality?

      The below spec describes the AC-8260