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    NUC6i3 television no signal (nuc on 24/7)




      I'm using my NUC as a htpc, or at least thats why I bought it, but this morning I noticed that after leaving on the NUC over night, the tv gives a no signal error when I turn it on. The NUC is still working as I have no problems remote into it. Rebooting solves the issue.


      After some googling I found out this could be a hdmi handshake issue. Basically when the tv goes off the NUC doesn't recognize any connected devices anymore and this won't change until a reboot.


      Is there any way this fix this? The drivers really should take this into consideration. For me rebooting isn't a option because its also doing some light server duties and its just damn impractical to have to reboot every time. Its 2016, this problem shouldn't exist anymore.



      Intel nuc6i3

      Windows 7 pro

      NUC -> receiver -> TV (TV remote turns on receiver as well using CEC)