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    NUC6i3SYH - After resuming from sleep, cannot browse internet.  WIFI not working.


      I have a brand new NUC6I3SYH with Win 10 Pro 64-bit, 8GB of memory.   Win 10 Pro is configured to resume from sleep to desktop without requiring a password.  Upon resume, it'll go directly to desktop.   The NUC and WIFI are nearby and has line of sight.


      The problem is when NUC goes to sleep then afterwards, resuming it (ex: press any key on keyboard) then open a web browser to surf the internet (ex: Chrome), it will fail and give an error message stating network is not connected.   This is very repeatable problem.


      In task tray icon, after resume, the WIFI icon will initially show connected but after a few moments, it will show a yellow exclamation point.  When clicking on it, the SSID it was connected (prior to sleep) says "No Internet, secured".  A temporary workaround is click on "Disconnect" then reconnect then it works again.  You have to do this every time the NUC resumes from sleep.    Requesting this be fix.

      Other details

      * BIOS is updated to latest version: 0036

      * WIFI drivers is updated to latest version: Version: 18.33.0

      * All other drivers are updated to most current and latest Windows Update are applied as well.