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    NUC6i5SYK losing window position with 3440x1440 monitor


      I'm running a NUC6i5SYK (Skylake i5 NUC) with a Dell U3415W monitor under Windows 10.  This is a large format, 3440x1440, monitor.  Due to the size most apps are not run full screen but instead in a tiled layout.  I'm running the latest, as of early March '16, BIOS and display drivers.


      The computer is configured to switch off the monitor after a set amount of time but the computer itself does not go into a sleep state.  Still, when the monitor comes back on, quite often window layout is changing.  Some windows shrink to a small vertical ribbon or a small rectangle and move to different positions on the screen.


      With this same monitor, I had this issue on a Broadwell NUC when it would go completely to sleep.  I was able to get this to stop by not having the computer sleep, just the monitor switching off, and making sure that the virtual display size was set to 3440x1440 in the registry.  This did not work with the Skylake NUC.  It will still lose position.


      Has anyone else had this issue with the new NUCs?  I have a feeling that this is a driver problem, and it appears plenty of other people have various driver issues.  Ideally I'd like to let the whole computer go to sleep but the frequency of position being lost gets even worse then.  Hopefully someone has a workaround.