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    Which RAM for NUC6i5




      I'm waiting for my NUC 6i5 from Amazon with little sad instead of excitement after reading alot of problems... So i bought it, before pray it , i have a chance to supply %100 problem-free (if available) components for it.


      As far as i understood, RAM is very important. In Turkey, i have only 2 option for DDR SoDimm 1.2 V. One is value ram ( KINGSTON KVR21S15D8/8 8GB 2133MHZ DDR4 CL15 1.2V ) other is ( KINGSTON HYPERX HX421S13IBK2/16 ) So which one i should prefer?

      Also could you preper to document what should do avoid this problems? When i press power button, what should i change in Bios, drivers etc? one by one...

      At least we can save the new users till the total solution came.

      I'm afraid to send back to my unit USA and wait months, i hope i didnt do the bad thing by trusting Intel...


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          Based on people's experiences posted here and my own: Buy the HyperX, avoid anything with "value" in the name.


          HyperX has worked for most people, though I think some are experiencing the WHEA problem even with this RAM.

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            Dear JohanAR2,


            Thank you for your kind answer,

            so do you know which is the problem free  BIOS settings and other things that i care at the first setup...

            To continue with bios 28? heating problems? what do you suggest...



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              I can tell you first hand not to stick with BIOS 028. I did as I had read so many problems with 033 at the time, so stuck with 028, but still ended up with a dead WHEA error unit.

              I have since RMA'd the unit and got a new one which I immediately updated to 036 with no issues. 036 apparently has improved cooling which is what I suspect is causing the WHEA error.


              However I haven't used it for long and plan to keep it boxed until intel give a firm response on the WHEA situation. I live overseas and so going through the RMA process is very costly.

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                Its confusing, because some people seem to have problems and others not.

                this is my configuration:


                NUC6i5SYH (BIOS 28)

                Kingston HyperX Impact DDR4-2133 (2 x 8GB)

                Sandisk x400 1TB SSD

                Microsoft Designer Desktop Bluetooth

                Windows 10 Home 64 bit


                P2415Q (displayport) AC511 usb soundbar

                And have not experienced and major issues which i havent found a solution for.

                I wouldn't necessarily update bios unless u have got the issues some have found. Just a thought.

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                  Same here Allanf, sending unit for RMA will take months...

                  Also a lot of people in the community is still using BIOS 028 (like neily), i'm really confused about it. As you write that,i agree with you heating is a major issue.

                  So it's about luck then..i really don't know i'll use which BIOS

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                    Thank you for your input Neily. So what's the temp. on high load? NUC is 7/24 online?

                    Do you have other suggestions, key points?

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                      Hi,after reading a lot of post I think also that the bios v0036 could resolve the high temperatures problem (also this is reported in his release note) or at least it seems so.

                      Consider that in the 6i5 that could reach even when all works ok a max temperature near 80/90° even the small problem with the fan could bring to hardware failure.If this problem with the fan happens then it's near impossible to say what problem will arise, probably WHEA errors or others, who knows...

                      However since you have Kingston ram (me too have Kingston), I would suggest to consider also that from what I have read there is some probability to brick the unit during the update, as I have reported also here 6i5SYH/K and 6i3SYH/K NUC problems (update of BIOS brick the unit, WHEA errors, impossible to install OS) considering also recent news, Hynix based ram compatible or not?

                      At the moment I haven't received a definitive answer about this ram issue, and the user report are mixed, so maybe consider also this and then decide...good luck whatever you decide

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                        I'm using Intel's Extreme Tuning Utility (not to make any changes to sysytem) to monitor temperature of cpu only


                        NUC is not on 24/7


                        I just booted up from shutdown this morning and have had a range of temp readings going from 42 C to 74 C (its currently running at 62 C) I was monitoring it yesterday too it seemed to settle around the 50-60 C range. Are these normal?


                        Ive not put a high load on system yet. What is considered a high load? I'll give it a try and report back

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                          As you can see at one of my links above, ~40°C at idle (~1-2% usage) is normal…


                          My one (running w7u x64) sometimes reach the ~60-65°C if it is at ~25% usage and I found out that this could happen because of “action” at \Windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe (which is the kernel) but I have no idea why the kernel is active this way (it’s definitely not normal)...

                          also the effect with the QHSafeTray.exe I’ve never seen before at other systems (but happens again at the NUC without any i-net connection)….

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                            so mine is now running at 84 c

                            average is 79 c

                            only got couple browser windows open and skype in the background


                            is that too high u think


                            cpu utilization average is 40%

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                              Neily - you have NUC 6i5 right? On mine 6i3 is iddle temp 36-40.C . And biggest with 100%CPU and 100% disk was 62.C  . I don't know how many people bought 6i3 opposite to 6i5, but 90% of people with WHEA problem owned 6i5. It has higher temp at all and that's related to some on-board component which fail after accidental time...

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                                so i checked what processes i was using, and what was using so much cpu


                                and i found that

                                Intel® Remote Keyboard Host App

                                was using a lot of cpu even though i wasnt actually using it, I did notice that it always started on start up.

                                anyway i have just uninstalled it and temp and cpu has gone down

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                                  Hi neily (and others),

                                  I have just replied to you also on your other thread, but in any case I post my reply also here...


                                  if you want to better understand the 6i5 temperatures and how they depend on core or gpu usage, I think it could be useful to you to read this web page Power Consumption and Thermal Performance - The Intel NUC6i5SYK Skylake UCFF PC Review it has temperature range analysis under different workloads.


                                  I hope it could be useful to you and others

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