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    NUC6i3SYH crashes ... and takes down the network?


      Hello all,


      I bought a NUC6i3SYH at the end of last year to use as a home server.  It works perfectly except that once every few weeks or so, it freezes up and requires a hard reset.  The freezes have no apparent correlation to heavy load, cron jobs, network traffic, heat, or anything like that.  Once the machine is frozen, I cannot log in either by network or by plugging in a keyboard, mouse and display (the machine is normally headless).  This has happened maybe half a dozen times by now.


      What's especially strange is that when the machine crashes, it takes down my internet connection as well.  The NUC is plugged into a router (WRT610N).  The router usually stays up, but it cannot send packets over the WAN port and eventually loses its IP address.  Unplugging the NUC's cable alleviates the problem -- the internet comes back up within seconds -- but I don't think it fixes the NUC.  Once my roommate reported rebooting only the router during an outage and the NUC was accessible afterwards, but I haven't been able to reproduce that so it may have had some other cause.


      This happened with BIOS 028 and 033.  I'll put 036 on it soon unless you all have a better idea.  16GiB (2x8) Kingston HyperX 2133 RAM, SATA SSD, Ubuntu 15.10, nothing with graphics on it, usually lightly loaded.  I ran memtest86+ on it for like a day, with no errors.  BIOS settings are close to default -- I think I set it to come back on after a power outage and that's about it.


      Any ideas?