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    Rackmounting Intel NUC?


      Hi all,


      What are the options if you like to rackmount (19") a set of Intel NUC:s?


      I located these two solutions but they doesnt seem to be that widespread:






      1U NUC

      Intel NUC | NUC Server | Rackmount Computer


      The good thing (from my point of view) with the first option is that you dont need any custom chassi (as with that second option), you can use the chassi which the Intel NUC was delivered with.


      However I am also thinking of DIY edition, would for example a regular rackshelf (19") with holes in it be suitable to screw the VESA mounts (also included in Intel NUC kits nowadays?) in order to mount the NUCs on the shelf?


      What about mounting them vertical, any suggestions here on how to accomplish this?


      And what about cooling - would the builtin fan(s) be sufficient or would there need to be an external fan assisting the airflow too?


      Another thing Im thinking about is the PSU itself...


      Instead of having 8x (or how many NUCs there might be) external PSUs in the rack it would be much nicer with a single (larger) PSU who can take 2x 230V AC as inlet (for redundancy) and 8x 19V DC as outlet - any suggestions on that part?