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    LCD with Intel Edison and Yocto


      Can someone provide some directions regarding integrating an LCD with Yocto on Intel Edison?

      I have an ILI9341 TFT Touch LCD and need to integrate it with Yocto. Ideally to be used with QT.


      I am willing to pay someone if need be.


      Thank you.

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          Hello nelfata,


          There is an example using the upm and mraa with this display, you might be interested in checking it: upm/ili9341.cxx at master · intel-iot-devkit/upm · GitHub. If you need instructions on how to set up your board with mraa and upm let me know.

          I don't understand what you mean when you say that you would like to use QT, what do you mean? Are you referring to this platform: Qt - Home?



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            Hello Peter,

            thank you for your reply.

            There is no problem developing a driver for the LCD as per your link, the issue becomes when designing a graphical interface using available tools. The QT tool provides the capability to develop GUIs and display using X11 Linux. So once the LCD driver and the frame buffer are available it is relatively easy to generate a GUI under Linux.

            Not being an expert in Linux and display drivers, I would like to know if someone has done some implementation for the Yocto platform.

            I saw some thread for the Galileo discussing that, I attempted to follow their steps for the Yocto but could not succeed.

            Any help would be greatly appreciated.

            Thank you.

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              I personally have never worked with Qt and I have never heard of anyone trying to implement it on Edison (but that does not mean it's not possible or that someone hasn't done it). My best suggestion is that you contact Qt to see if they can help you implement their tool on Edison.



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                the QT tool is independent of the LCD drivers. Once a driver for a particular device is integrated as part of the kernel than it can provide the functionality needed for QT and other tools.

                I was mostly looking for a driver as part of the kernel for the ILI9341 LCD.

                I am currently in the process of integrating a driver into the kernel.


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                  You should try to incorporate the frame buffer driver for LCD, LED screens called fbtft.


                  There were some threads about it on the forum. Try to use an older version that is not as much dependent on Pi.


                  Please, provide instructions if you are successful.

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                    Yes thank you. I saw this thread, and I tried to integrate it with not much success.

                    Not being a Linux kernel guy is not so obvious to do such a task. I am inquiring with some Linux developers. If I have some results I will post them here, but I think I may need to pay someone to do this.

                    Thank you.