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    dg43gt graphic and audio issues



      I have just upgraded my media centre to a dg42gt board to allow for the use of 2 hauppauge hvr-2200 tuner card and a toslink conection to my amplifier. My video is hdmi out to my panasonic plasma tv. system specs are

      Intel DG43GT board

      Intel core 2 duo CPU E4500 @ 2.2 GHz

      1 x 2 gig stick of 800 ram.

      2 x hauppauge hvr-2200

      Windows 7 64bit


      My issues are that using the default drivers that windows installs dont allow for the toslink connection to my amplifier to work. I have updated to the latest Intel drivers for the Audio and Graphics and this is where it all has gone pear shaped. When I go to watch live tv in media centre is says the video drivers are not installed, which is a lie as it was working prior to updating the graphic drivers. And the Audio HD Toslink still is not working.


      I have gone throught the audio help guide which had no mention of the toslink connection. I have searched the net and can find no answer to this problem.


      I am rolling back my graphs driver to work around the video issue, but it appears that the latest driver causes issues in Media centre.


      Anyone else had similar problems and have they found a solution?

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          Further to my above post, I am now getting blue screens and reboots. Tried to uninstall the drivers which has made the problem worse. Back to the drawing board and doing a complete reinstall after a system restore didnt work. It appears that the video and audio drivers are possible not compatible with this system set up.


          If anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it.

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            After a full reinstall of my system and using the default drivers windows installs and not the ones supplied on line by intel, my system seems to be stable (so far). Anyone who buys this board and installs needs to remember not to upgrade to the online intel drivers.


            As a side note for toslink connection using the default Windows 7 drivers - There are 2 options for the S/PDIF out in Playback devices. If you are using soundgraph imon tool (i.e. on an antec media center) you will need to fiddle to get the volume control on your remote working in media center by selecting the correct one of the 2 options in the imon manager and then the same in playback devices.


            Hope this helps someone else