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    Intel Compute Stick keep freezing after login


      I bought Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC equipped with Windows 8.1 with Bing.

      I have successfully updated to Windows 10 however it keeps freezing after log in page.


      I have updated BIOS to the latest version as well as drivers (Wireless, Bluetooth and Graphic)

      Turned of Fast start up.


      It still freezes!!


      I can not roll back to 8.1 although I just updated it yesterday.

      Please help!


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          I am having the same issue but mine came installed with Windows 10. It has worked perfectly for the last month, and was working fine last night. Shut it down, went to bed, and every time it loads this morning it freezes on the home screen before I am able to click on anything. The bluetooth keyboard is still responsive and I can move it around the screen but I cannot even open the start menu to properly shut down the device (nor access the internet, file folder, ect.) This device is essentially useless as of this morning good thing I still have my laptop


          Please help!

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            I have tried everything. Eventually I tried to reset the PC, the system frozen at 37% for several hours. I had to hard reboot the stick and try to restart again.

            Nothing works, can start up windows anymore.


            Now I left with nothing but a useless stick.

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              Hi Gak and socaldglf,


              Let’s try to reset or restore the stick. It is necessary to use a wire keyboard and wire mouse.


              First, plug the HDMI port to the TV and use the power adapter provided with the stick to the outlet.
              Remove any SD from the stick.
              Plug a wire keyboard and wire mouse if possible.
              Turn the stick on and keep tapping F2, try to get in the BIOS, review the version. Latest version is 0031.
              If you have an earlier version, update the BIOS first with the recovery option, with instructions below.

              Download BIOS Update [FCBYT10H.86A]

              BIOS Recovery Instructions for Intel® Compute Stick


              If problem continues, I suggest you to restore the stick to factory settings use the instructions below.


              Recovery options after the upgrade (without SD and wire keyboard)

              Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions


              Mike C

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                The irony in requiring the use of a wired keyboard and wired mouse on a device with only one (1) USB port. Clearly, that was not thought out by the developers. Or, it was thought out and management decided to launch a faulty product anyway.


                Fortunately, my stick was within the return policy and is currently in the mail for a refund. I am considering the latest version, which will have two (2), USB ports, but am not confident the product will work after having this version fail within 30 days. I hadn't downloaded much software (think DropBox and Google Chrome), and only streamed music, video, and email service was accessed on the device. This definitely should not have been a heavy enough load to crash the stick.


                While the product is great in theory, and I am interested in the 4GB RAM version expected soon, there are other devices that may serve the same purpose without chancing this poorly developed product. The Kangaroo Remote Desktop is only slightly bigger, but the performance is apparently superior for a lower price point.


                Truly, only the release, at a similar price point, of a version that draws all the necessary power from the HDMI port so I can lose the AC adapter will make the purchase of another Intel Compute Stick worthwhile. I've heard it is coming (although more expensive), presumably the Cedar City edition...but haven't seen it yet.


                Good luck to all who try this product. 4 star concept while an AC adapter is required, & due to only one USB port (5 star concept once I don't need wall power anymore, and gained .5 star because the new version has 2 USB ports) but only 2GB RAM and crashing within one month of periodic use makes this a waste of time/money.

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                  Hi compute stick followers,


                  Intel® is going to release a new family of sticks with Core™ M3 and M5 processors, 4GB of RAM. More details about the new products in the link below.

                  Intel® Compute Stick Featuring the Intel® Core™ M Processor


                  Miguel C

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                    Yeah, ours is freezing likewise; already updated BIOS, and it freezes even while doing the PC Reset process for Windows 10.  I had it successfully set up with Windows 10, did all the Intel drivers, then it gradually just would freeze up minutes after startup.  Too late to RMA this back to our distributer so I went through the warranty request process on Intel's site, and apparently at the very end where you submit the request, their system is down.


                    We were testing this idea for our business customers but based on this experience it's definitely not the option to go.  Business customers need more reliability and we need a much better warranty process (like Dell has) than this.  Unfortunate, because the Compute Stick is a great concept.

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                      Hi 1Lowell,


                      I regret for the inconvenience with the warranty policy. Let me know if you are still trying to create the RMA.


                      I suggest you to use our phone, chat or email support.

                      Contact Support


                      Miguel C