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    ssd 335 periodically fails on high loads



      I have a strange problem with my ssdsc2ct180a4 (OS is Windows 10, installed on this SSD).

      When some app accesses the SSD intensively, it "fails": no data can be read or written, and the SSD is not visible after reboot (via the reboot button). However it becomes functional again after I power off an then power on my pc.

      A few months ago i found a partial solution - I moved the most aggressive app (that was google chrome) to a RAM disk. Since then, until yesterday, my system worked properly, but yesterday this trouble appeared again. I wasn't able to even start my pc - it "stalled" in about 10-20 seconds after windows login. Today, however, the SSD works properly.

      I have the Toolbox installed, and the SSD firmware is up to date.

      Here is the SMART screenshot:


      How can I deal with this problem?
      I hope my description was clear enough and thanks for your help.