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    Possible to recreate Raid Drive header?


      I'm on Win 10 Pro, with RST C (with OS) is on a SSD. I've 3 3TB drives as a RAID 5 drive on D:\.


      I updated American Megatrends BIOS to version 2104 (8/13/13) last November on my Asus P8Z77-V i3770 and (stupidly) didn't realize the drive type in the bios changed from RAID to SATA.


      Unable to access my D: (RAID) drive with all my data, I went into disk manager and think I either allowed it to write a signature on the drive or (less likely) did a fdisk or something. I did NOT format the drive or do anything that took more than 2-3 seconds to complete. Unfortunately I did this to 2 of the 3 raid drives before realizing what the real issue was.


      I retired those drives until I had time to look at the issue more closely, and just used new disks to create a new RAID drive that I've been using since.


      So, now I REALLY would like to retrieve the ~9 months of non-backed up data on the original disks.


      So, if I have one good disk, can I 'somehow' use a hex editor, TestDisk, or other repair app, to rewrite/copy the "header info" from the one good disk to one of those other disks? I am thinking that it is just the header info that needs repairing, as the data on the disk should be good.


      Is the specification for the header format for these RAID 5 drives available?


      I'll be traveling some over the next few weeks, but will be checking - and testing - any solutions in the coming weeks.


      Thanks for any pointers or insights into how to diagnose this further!


      - John