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    My feelings about the Intel NUC NUC6i5SYH


      Hi people,


      first of all I realy regret buying this NUC. I'm a person who like quality products and I like to pay a bit more for having a great product.


      But I have no luck with this NUC. First run 3 days after dying (BIOS 33). Now the second NUC sometimes freezes or restart. Sometimes the NUC is getting realy hot and restart. I'm now on the Original BIOS 28 and want to wait a few weeks to see that everybody says "BIOS 36 is great". But I see, there are problems too.


      I just want a device which I just switch on and use it. I dont want to worry every time I use it. Touch it every 20 Minutes if its getting hot. Listening to the fan, if there is a strange sound. And I worry that the hot temperatures damaged the hardware.


      When I was younger I loved to build Computers. But now I'm old and just want a working device. Not trying 10 different things.


      So perhaps we come to the point Intel found the problem and I can get a new Hardware device, because I dont have a good feeling with my freezing system at the moment.


      Its like buying a new car and after 300km the enginge crashes. And the replacement enginge sometimes make strange noises or fail to start. And then you see a lot of people have problems. Then you lose the trust in your car (or your Intel NUC).


      I know it is difficult for the Intel-people to speak clear about the problem, but I hope we get a good solution.



      Greetings, Christian