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    Why is there no driver listing for Intel HD 5600?


      Intel HD 5600 (Intel Core i7-5700HQ)


      I know I can just download the driver for 5500 or 6000, they basically support the graphic cards from the same generation, but why isn't there a listing for HD 5600? It is extremely frustrating and confusing, because it looks like Intel isn't taking this 5th generation CPU seriously, and it's definitely not because it is out-of-date. When i go to nvidia driver download page, everything is neat and tidy: choose your graphic card generation, model and there is the driver.


      Another problem is that the driver is not updated very often, take version for example: this is the latest version (stable) I can find for my gpu. Now, in the search result page it says the date is Jan 28th, 2016, but if you click into the download page, it's now from Oct 26th, 2015! And if I scroll down, there are tons of "KNOWN ISSUES" that are waiting to be fixed. Right now it's March 13th, 2016, and not a single driver has been released yet.


      Can someone from Intel take this issue seriously please.