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    Problem with software from driver CD


      Hello. I have installed driver software from CD suited with Motherboard. This program include the function that makes autologin into Windows user account after reload PC. This program should uninstall itself automatically after all the drivers is installed, but it was not happen. This program automatically logged on always when I switched on the PC and I didn't pay the attention about this, by the way, I cannot uninstall this function manually even reinstalling the driver full. Then I changed a password and program does not enter new password and now I must enter the password, or click by mouse to close start logon interface for going on the loading and I didn't pay my attention about this too. But when I created new User account for my personal task the program doesn't give me access to change the account quickly, this became a serious problem. I need type User name manually always when I need to enter there. Now I need uninstall this badly working function remained from driver and turn me back simple start logon Windows function.

      Reference in information about system in Windows I have this motherboard https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ru/product/43606/-Intel-DP43BF-

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          Ok, despite the fact that I managed the group that produced the Intel Express Installer CDs, I do not recommend their use. The fact is, by the time that the board and CD are in your hands, the CD is already out of date and, in your case, is very, very long out of date. You need to be using the latest available versions of the drivers and software. I recommend that you do the following:


          1. Update your board to the latest BIOS release available.
          2. Download the individual - but latest - driver installation packages for your O/S from the Intel Download Center (for your board, here: Drivers & Software).
          3. Generate USB flash disk installation media for your O/S. Create a folder on this flash disk (I usually call it 'Drivers') and place copies of the driver installation packages into this folder (if any packages come as a ZIP file, unzip and place contents in a separate subfolder).
          4. Reinstall the O/S, from scratch, using this media.
          5. Manually run the driver installation packages one at a time. Note that most of them will ask you to reboot at the end. You do not have to; you can install all packages and then do one reboot at the end (I do this all the time).


          Hope this helps,


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            Maybe I better destroy the system block and the monitor by big hammer, no computer - no problems?! Look at you on your own avatar. You are smile is about over your speech. Is poorest solution not for me. I need other, from professionals and no from novices.

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              It is not your competence to state who will suggest for me the solutions. You may go away if you don't know how to do it normally.

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                Despite your insults (child!), I am going to help you...


                On an English language system, you would click to Start, then Run... and then enter command "netplwiz". At the top of the resulting dialog box (Users tab), check the box beside the "Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer". This will restore it to the state where you must select user and provide password to logon. Optionally, if you want the added security, you can click on the Advanced tab and then check the box for "Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Del" (this guarantees that the authentic Windows logon prompt will appear, helping protect the system from spoofing programs that will mimic a logon in order to get you to provide your password).  When you Apply and then Exit this program, you will be asked for permission to proceed with a reboot of the system. Do so and you should come back up in the state you want.