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    IMC Test Fail CPU Diagnostic Tool


      I just ran the Intel Diagnostic tool for my i5-6600k and it appears my computer passes every test besides the IMC test. It states as follows


      IMC Test

      Module Version:

      Start Time: Mon Feb 29 14:49:25 2016

      Test Result - FAIL

      --- Reading Memory Size ---

      Unable to retrieve memory size.

      -- - Memory Size Test Fail!!!-- -

      End Time: Mon Feb 29 14:49:25 2016

      Total Time:  seconds: 0


      Is this a grave issue ? Is it a bug or is it nothing to worry about ? I'm trying to get to the bottom of why my PC just randomly freezes/shuts down when playing video games on high graphics settings.


      My GPU is a GTX 980 and my RAM is 16gbs so video games shouldn't be a problem let alone should my computer crash.

      I ordered my PC premade from a selection of premade computers on PCCASEGEAR's website so I presume everything is compatible and no bottlenecking is occurring.

      PC is water-cooled and temperatures are fine.


      I have also set my bios to default (despite never fiddling with it in the first place)

      If somebody could tell me if this IMC test could have anything to do with my problem consisting of my pc crashing during gameplay and if the IMC test fail could indicate other certain problems that would be great

      (I'm currently thinking maybe it could be a GPU driver bug but cant be sure)


      Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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          Please make sure you are currently running the latest IPDT version and try again.


          Download Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool



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            It is in fact version

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              I do have the same problem with my 6700K. Passes all the other tests, even the ones after IMC. Should I RMA the processor?

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                Are you getting any blue screen? Does the computer lock up?



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                  No, the system seems to be completely fine, that's what's bugging me. Does the version support the 6700K? Is there a way to know if the IMC is really working? Thank you.

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                    Whenever my computer freezes (usually 1-8 hours into a video game, depends on the videogame and its graphics settings so it seems) it may or may not repeat a loud drill like sound over and over (not all the time but is present with most of the freezeing) and my monitor displays the last thing I was doing while the game was playing, and I am rendered unable to do anything besides shut the computer down and restard. On ONE occasion my computer shut down all of a sudden and gave me a screen with white text, a blue background and a ":(" face of sorts (I presume this is a bluescreen).


                    I have never had any other problem with the computer.


                    At this rate I'm thinking of returning the pc for repair or a refund, however since I am unaware of what exactly is at fault here, I'm unsure whether or not ill be permitted to do that. </3

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                      Crashes like this (screen freeze, sound played at the time the freeze occurs repeats in a loop, only way to restart is to press & hold the Power On button, no related errors reported in Windows event log except the ones indicating a system power off/restart without a proper shutdown (Event ID's 41/6008)) usually indicate a hardware failure.

                      The cause(s) can be difficult to track down - could be anything from defective parts, hardware incompatibilities, erroneous BIOS or BIOS settings, overheating, up to incorrectly installed parts (such as RAM modules not properly seated in their slots).

                      If the causes aren't obvious, you usually have to take a trial & error approach in order to solve the problem, which usually consists of replacing suspicious parts / apply BIOS updates or settings / ensure parts are properly installed, until you identify the culprit.

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                        Thanks for the info YseGuy. What would you recommend someone who isn't the best with handling hardware do at this point?

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                          Since the required error diagnostics can be cumbersome and requires some expertise / spare parts for testing, I'd say your best bet is to let your dealer or a local computer shop do the job. You can support them by supplying a detailed summary of your own observations / analysis results / actions you have taken to solve the issue.

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                            Could my IMC test problem be that my motherboard has an IMC and the computer is using that instead?

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                              IMC = Integrated Memory Controller, means the memory controller is built into the CPU. This is the per design in Intel's recent Core i5 / i7 CPU's (Skylake microarchitecture).

                              It is also the reason why the specification of supported RAM mainly depends on the CPU, not the motherboard.

                              So I'd expect any motherboard supporting the Skylake chipsets (Intel 100 / 200 series chipsets, such as the Z170) to not have an external memory controller at all - it'd be redundant / not used anyway.

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                                YseGuy I ran a memtest earlier with no problems being reported. Could this mean it may be a fault of the diagnostic tool? I just wanna get to the bottom of why that specific test fails. I have read that if my IMC was actually bad, that my computer would be having a lot more issues than what I have currently such as rejecting ram and such.


                                Update: I also found malware on my computer a moment ago, hoping this was the problem? Possibly could have affected my hardware?

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                                  Little to nothing is impossible in respect to possible reasons for problems of this kind, so we're talking about probabilities here.

                                  As I've stated before, the characteristics of the issue you're experiencing usually implies a hardware failure. This mainly stems from the fact that the freezes occur so suddenly that the OS cannot even log any error related to the freeze anymore. The errors you see in Windows Event Log (41/6008) in theses cases are logged after the freeze, more specifically, after the next reboot.

                                  If any kind of software tries to do anything it's not supposed to do in relation to the computer's hardware (for example trying to access memory by bypassing the OS), you'd get a bluescreen, not a freeze, and you'd see respective entries in Windows Event Log, or even get memory dumps which Windows is creating in such cases that could be analyzed with respective tools.

                                  Again, this is how it usually works - there might be exceptions to the rule, but they're rare, and not easily to be identified.

                                  The "foolproof" way of tackling this kind of issue usually is

                                  • to make sure the machine is running at stock settings (this includes making sure all components are working as required, for example fans - overheating can be a reason for freezing issues)
                                  • to make sure any software involved is up to date (esp BIOS, drivers, and the OS itself)
                                  • to make sure the machine is free of malicious / unwanted software (viruses etc)
                                  • if the problem persists even with these preconditions met, to replace hardware components one by one until the faulty / problematic one has been found
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                                    I found the same problem (IMC) with this tool. XMG P505 with i7-5700HQ and 32 GB RAM. The tools says "16GB installed" and IMC fails.

                                    memcheck86 runs for 8 hours without any problem.

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