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    Random delay (sometimes very long, 100 seconds) before the snd_intel_sst kernel (ALSA) module is loaded properly.


      I have a problem with the kernel driver snd_intel_sst that does not always start.


      Here is a sample of the journal entries :


      [   12.477269] _dhd_wlfc_mac_entry_update():1644, entry(32)

      [  113.800541] snd_intel_sst: runtime_resume called

      [  113.821053] snd_intel_sst: FW Version

      [  113.821076] snd_intel_sst: Build date Jan 14 2014 Time 20:08:46

      [  113.821390] snd_intel_sst: Alloc for str 1 pipe 0x90

      [  113.827493] snd_intel_sst: Start for str 1 pipe 0x90

      [  114.541757] snd_intel_sst: Stop for str 1 pipe 0x90

      [  114.542623] snd_intel_sst: Free for str 1 pipe 0x90

      [  114.546513] snd_intel_sst: runtime_idle called


      There is almost 100 seconds before the audio is available at boot. This happens randomly, since sometimes the driver starts normally. I have the same behavior on all Edison modules that I have used in our products. This is causing us some headaches since our product (an audio communication device) needs to have the audio working at startup. This delay is making our device unusable.


      Somebody have experienced this problem ? Can this be solved ?


      Thanks for your help!