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    Compute Stick Part Deux!


      I’m back with a new stick (STK1AW32SC). Right out of the box this one has fewer issues than the last (I didn’t need to reinstall Remote Keyboard on the PC). I was also able to get to Threshold 2, so I’m running the current version of Windows. That said, one problem still remains… The overscan issue that I had with the last one persists. However, this time the update to Intel HD Graphics driver v didn’t correct the problem. Changing the scaling settings (under Display, then General Settings) has no effect whatsoever no matter the setting. Any ideas on why this would be when it worked fine on the last stick? I don’t even have any other software installed yet, only Microsoft and Intel software and their updates… I also noticed that if I change the screen resolution the text changes sizes but the icons and other graphics don’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!