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    Application has been stopped from accessing graphics hardware




      I just bought a new lenovo's laptop to my girlfriend. should be powerful enough to run programs\games.


      intel hd graphics 520

      8gb ram


      Windows 10 home - 64 bit


      Starting from the first day, while checking only facebook/youtube this happened:

      suddenly the window turned black, and the error "display driver stopped and has been recovered" showed up.


      I uninstalled the graphic driver and reinstalled it already. Also added the TdrDelay to the regedit.

      Sadly any of these didn't solve the problem.


      So what else should I do now?


      Thanks everyone!

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          Hello, alonn6:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          This error could be caused by different things, lets find out what could be the possible reason.


          -Is this happening with an specific application or program?

          -If you use a similar software to perform a task, does the system have the same behavior? (Different browser).


          Additionally, which drivers have you tested?


          Have you tested the drivers provided by your OEM?


          Please provide me with the driver versions tested and the driver provider (where you downloaded in from).


          I look forward to your reply on this.



          Esteban C